Saint Jegudiel the Archangel also Jhudiel or Jehudiel (Hebrew: יהודיאלYehudiel “laudation of God” or “God of the jews”) is one of the sevenArchangels in Eastern Orthodox tradition and in the eastern rites of the Catholic Church.


He is often depicted in iconography holding a crown and a three-thonged whip.[2] in hand, which symbolizes reward from God for the righteous and punishment for the sinners. The classic Eastern Orthodox depiction usually shows him standing upright, holding a crown in his right hand, and a rod or staff in his left hand.


Jegudiel is the patron of all who work in some field of endeavor, and the crown he holds symbolizes the reward for successful spiritual labors.[3]Along with his subordinate angels he is the advisor and defender of all who work in positions of responsibility to the glory of God, and as such is resorted to by kings, judges, and others in positions of leadership. Jegudiel is also known as the bearer of God‘s merciful love and also angel over Friday. Considered as one of the seven archangels in a variant Catholic system, which pairs each archangel with a specific day of the week and attribute. With regard to the history of the archangel’s name, it is thought to have first been mentioned in the Book of Enoch between 130 BC and 68 AD. Shortly thereafter and depending on the nationality of first Christians, he was called Jegudiel or Jehudiel.

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