The angel Jophiel (Heb. יופיאל “Beauty of God”) is also known as Iophiel, Iofiel, Jofiel, Yofiel (“Divine Beauty”), Youfiel and Zophiel (“My Rock is God”).

In religious and magical lore[edit]

According to Robert Means Lawrence,[1]Arthur de Bles, and R.L. Giles, Jophiel was said to be the Angel who cast Adam and Eveout of Paradise[2]

According to the pseudepigraphal Revelation of Moses, another name for Jophiel is Dina. Jophiel/Dina is described as an angel of the seventh heaven, a Cabalistic guardian of the Torah (and wisdom itself), who taught 70 languages to souls at the dawn of creation.[3] TheZohar lists him as a Great Angel Chief in charge of 53 legions who superintend Torah-readings on the Sabbath.[4] Jophiel is said to be a companion to the angel Metatron.[2]

C.E. Clement, in his book ‘Angels in Art,’ names Jophiel as the teacher of Ham, Japheth, and Shem.[2]Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa[5] andThomas Rudd likewise name Jophiel as the teacher of Shem.[6]

Jophiel is an Archangel of the Kabbalah (though some systems put Raziel in his place) and in several listings including that of the early medieval theologian pseudo-Dionysus.[7] The Calendarium Naturale Magicum Perpetuum lists Jophiel as the angel of the SephiraChokhmah,[8] as do the Key of Solomon variant “The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,”[9] and the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses,[10]both latter works derived from the Calendarium.[11] Agrippa attributes Jophiel to Saturn, while Paracelsus assigns him to Jupiter.[2] Rudd attributes the Zodiac to Jophiel[12] along with the Sephira Binah.[13]Athanasius Kircher names Jophiel as “Angelus pulchritudinis,” angel of beauty.[14] According to Robert Ambelain, Jophiel is in charge of the Cherubim, particularly the Shemhamphorasch angels Haziel, Aladiah, Lauviah, Hahaiah, Iezalel, Mehahel, Hariel, and Hakamiah.[15]

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