Muriel, whose name is derived from the Greek myrrh, is a Domination in Western Christian Angelology.[1] Muriel is the Angel of the Month of June, is associated with the astrological sign ofCancer,[2] and is invoked from the South.[3]


Muriel’s name means “God’s perfume.” Her angelic responsibility includes tending the animals and the plants of earth. She is often depicted with a crown of flowers which she lovingly places in the river of life. When she is around, you may smell the subtle scent of your favorite flower. Muriel brings messages of peace and harmony, reminding us that every selfless good deed is rewarded exponentially. Muriel’s huge heart will teach you how to love unconditionally. As you invite Muriel into your life, you become aware of your intuition. If you suddenly find yourself thinking about helping the homeless, follow through. Muriel teaches us that helping others is the path to true happiness. If you really want your life to change, volunteer at a homeless shelter, pull a few weeds from a local park, hang a birdfeeder or become a dog walker at an animal shelter. Reach out to someone else and see what happens to your life. You might just meet your future love or find the job of your dreams as a result of your willing service. At the same time, Muriel teaches to act with an open heart, without expectation of personal gain. Then and only then will your blessings come back to you multiplied. Invocation: Holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers, face south and softly call Muriel. Repeat her name until you feel her loving presence. Then ask her for her guidance, love and assistance. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to help someone else. Committing random acts of kindness and honoring beauty are the perfect ways to change your life in a profound manner.

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