Raguel (angel)

Raguel Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Raquel, Reuel, Akrasiel is an angel mainly of the Judaic traditions. His name’s meaning is considered to be “Friend of God”.

Raguel is referred to as the archangel of justice, fairness, harmony, and vengeance.[citation needed] In the Book of Enoch Raguel is one of the seven angels who watch, and his function is to take vengeance on the world of the luminaries who have transgressed God’s laws.[1] Raguel is also mentioned in the first writings ever found of Enoch who was the first man who ever started writing and the sentence is “Word of blessing of Henok, wherewith he blessed the chosen and righteous who would be alive in the day of tribulation for the removal of all wrongdoers and backsliders.” Raguel brings a course of fire which persecutes all the fallen luminaries. Raguel also shows Enoch The Seven Mountains and in the midst of it- the high mountain which is the throne of God where the Lord of Glory will sit along with the tree of wisdom. Raguel brings all the other angels to account for their improper deeds. Before the Son of Man arrives he will inhabit a man to take vengeance on the luminaries. (Zohar)

Raguel is not mentioned in the canonical writings of the Bible. In 2 Enoch, when the patriarch Enoch visited heaven as a mortal, it was Raguel who carried him to and from the mortal world, along with the angel Sariel or Samuil.

In the Council of Rome of 745, pope St. Zachary condemned the worship of non-Biblical angels, among them Raguel.[2]

Possible historical references to a similar figure from other cultures can be found in Babylonian culture as “Rag” (some translations say Ragumu), and in Sumerian as “Rig” which means to talk or speech. Thus, these similar characters represented balance in those cultures as well.

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