Disclosure Prevented by Black Market Economy?

Great talk by Richard Dolan titled “What’s Up With The Breakaway Civilization”. Focusing on the ramifications of the ongoing prevention of disclosure, it’s a talk he gave at the 2014 Secret Space Program Conference in San Mateo.

One of the ideas in Dolan’s work that is so compelling is his assertion that the UFO phenomenon is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to twentieth century/ cold war / American history.

Dolan talks about a system predicated upon black budgets, financial and political corruption, classification of technologies, and control of the media. He maintains that the probable scenario when it comes to twentieth century history in terms of the UFO phenomenon is a situation where alien bodies, craft, and technologies were retrieved provoking a need for absolute secrecy, especially considering the cold war climate, where this need for secrecy in turn led to the creation of black budgets, secret technology programs, and privatization. Privatized runaway secrecy has led to criminal financial operations. And the ultimate conclusion to this kind of knowledge combined with secrecy and lack of accountability is a breakaway civilization, a breakaway civilization which desperately tries to catch up with other more advanced civilizations while being terrified of disclosure because of the global transformation that it implies as well as the criminal charges that would be unavoidable in any circumstances where the rule of law exists.

When it comes to ramifications, Richard Dolan outlines what he sees as some of the goals of those in the know, namely the consolidation of their independence from national laws – that is the creation of transnational corporate friendly legal structures, the formalization of a breakaway financial structure (NAFTA, GATT, TPP etc), the enforcement of intellectual property rights, total surveillance and intimidation, the turning of the internet into TV thereby slowly but surely squeezing out access to independent research, total control over global intellectual life, essentially totalitarianism.