Lloyd Pye – Human Origins – Intervention Theory

Lloyd Pye is one of the pioneers of Intervention Theory in terms of human origins.

This is a talk from 1999 based on Pye’s groundbreaking book Everything You Know Is Wrong where he outlines his theory about the origins of humans and where we actually fit (or don’t fit) into the evolutionary flow of this planet. He starts with the prehuman fossil record , the australopithecines and the homos, and shows how, despite being used to apply the Theory of Evolution to the human species, that they, their primate bones and their physiology are actually so different from that of humans that such a connection is tenuous. As much as humans are considered primates, the fact of the matter is that we do not have primate bones. Human bones are much lighter and thinner and cannot accommodate the kind of muscles that all of the other primates have. According to Pye there are no human bones in the prehuman fossil record.

Pye explores the physical and genetic evidence that supports the idea of Intervention Theory, the idea that the Theory of Evolution by itself is not sufficient to explain where the human species comes from and that humans are a genetically engineered species, a hybrid. He also postulates how the course of evolution may have played out for those primate species which have been deemed extinct but for whose existence evidence is still being found all over the world.

Pye’s work not only challenges the mainstream and long held belief (and it remains a belief since macro evolutionary theory in terms of the human species has not been proven), that humans are a naturally evolved species on this planet, it also shows serious flaws in the logic of that belief and in the validity of the theory as it applies to the human species. DNA will likely be the deciding factor in determining an answer one way or the other in terms of where the human species actually comes from. Very generally, as much as mainstream science still seems to cling to the theory of evolution as a complete explanation for the origins of humans, DNA may serve as the ultimate debunker of that theory.


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