UFO Mass Sightings

In terms of UFO sightings, mass sightings are all the more exciting since they cannot be dismissed or explained away quite so easily as the experience of one or two individuals with no other witnesses to corroborate. These two mass sightings, one from the 1960s and one from 1994, notably involved large groups of children.

In 1994, at the Ariel school close to Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 62 children witnessed the landing of a saucer shaped UFO and described sometimes one, sometimes two beings along with the craft. Within days interested parties arrived to interview the children, including John Mack the Harvard medical school psychiatrist who was one of the leading authorities on the effects of “alien abductions”, however one would like to account for them.  Many of the children reported that at least one of these beings was definitely observing them and they also described the beings as somewhat small, wearing shiny black suits, with black hair and big black eyes.

This is another account of a mass sighting of a UFO by a group of children, this time in 1966 in Melbourne, Australia at Westall High School. This event was not documented the same way I guess since it was 1966 and the political climate and just the times in general were different. In fact, one of the teachers who took quite a few pictures with her camera had not only her film but her actual camera taken by the authorities never to be returned. Many of the grown up children who were there, however, remember it well. One of the children who witnessed the UFO did tell her story to the newspaper and was given detention for that (! haha) which I guess gives us an idea of the mentality at this school at this time. Also, the children were basically told that they did not see what they said they had seen and some of them seem to have suffered some psychological harm because of this. I sometimes wonder if this culture we live in presently is psychologically damaged across all socioeconomic lines because of the collective refusal over time to deal with reality.

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