The Thrones (Ancient Greek: θρόνος, pl. θρόνοι; Latin: thronus, pl. throni) are a class of celestial beings mentioned by Paul the Apostle in Colossians 1:16. According to theNew Testament, these high celestial beings are among those Orders at the Christ‘s service.[1][2] They are the carriers of the Throne of God, hence the name.

According to Matthew Bunson, the corresponding order of angels in Judaism is called the abalim or “arelim/erelim,[3] but this opinion is far from unrivaled. The Hebrew worderelim is usually not translated “Thrones”, but rather “valiant ones”, “heroes”, “warriors”.[citation needed] The function ascribed to erelim in Isaiah 33:7 and in Jewish folklore[4] is not consonant with the lore surrounding the Thrones.

The Ophanim (Wheels or Galgallin) is a class of celestial beings, from Daniel 7:9, that are also equated with the “Thrones” occasionally. They are said to be great wheels covered in eyes.

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