Sasquatch Big Picture

Myths and legends about the being commonly called Bigfoot / Sasquatch have been around for a very long time on the North American continent. Recent research gives new insight into who or what Bigfoot may be but also raises new questions. Personally I have wondered about Sasquatch my whole life really. And Lloyd Pye’s work brought it all together a bit more for me a few years ago in terms of where Sasquatch might fit in the evolutionary scheme on Earth. I assumed that Sasquatch was another species of ape or hominid or animal of some kind but the work of Sasquatch Ontario as well as many other Bigfoot researchers  is showing that Sasquatch are people with abilities that are outside of the human experience. It’s all quite mind blowing actually, in terms of how wide open the consciousness of these beings seems to be and what this kind of information means for figuring out the real history of this planet. Wow so exciting. I just came across this very recent video and found it so exciting. I have no idea the situation Mike Paterson is talking about exactly but I assume people have been trying to mess with his work of observing Sasquatch activity. In addition to talking about Sasquatch generally and the issues he has run into with other people interfering in his work, Paterson talks about Sasquatch relative to the big picture, what the existence of this being means  in the context of what, in the mainstream anyway, is considered “reality”.

If I am going to think big picture in terms of Sasquatch then something that crosses my mind is the story of Esau in the Old Testament. It might seem like a bit of a stretch and maybe it is but how can I not notice the similarities to the way Esau is described in this story with descriptions of Bigfoot / Sasquatch. I like scripture not because I can take it literally or as actual factual history but more because so many of the stories in the Bible as we know it are actually derivatives of much older stories and therefore possibly hold clues that may point to a more complete history of civilization, of this planet.


Another Bigfoot documentary that I came across recently that I really enjoyed.



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