Elongated Skulls DNA Results

Coordinated by L.A.Marzulli and Brien Foerster, the press conference to announce the DNA results for the Paracas elongated skulls was held on February 2 in Los Angeles. The results are surprising and do not fit with the traditional historical timeline concerning that part of the world.

In the skulls where the the DNA was not too degraded to test, a few different haplogroups showed up, some of these being the ones one would expect to see in that region of the world. Most of the samples, however, turned out to belong to haplogroups that are common to areas in Europe, and in fact the haplogroups that showed up the most in the results are haplogroups that are found predominantly in the areas between the Black and Caspian Seas , the Caucasus mountains.

The Press Conference itself had many speakers with different specialties, including Brien Foerster. In addition to the actual DNA results some of the other talking points were the phenomenon of cradle boarding as well as some of the physical traits common to these naturally elongated skulls that strongly suggest we are looking at something different from a human.

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Cranial Deformation, Cradleboarding