Still Unexplained – Human and Animal Mutilations

The phenomenon of animal mutilation seems to be a persistent one and as yet, still unexplained. Although it is true that investigations into this occurrence were going on back in the 1970s and 80s and probably before, no clear solution to the mystery has yet to be determined. The mutilated bodies of cows, horses and other livestock are still occasionally found, by the farmer or the rancher, bodies mutilated by surgical like and bloodless incisions and removal of body parts. Typically these mutilated bodies have had a portion of the jaw stripped of flesh as well as removal of some or all of these body parts – eyes, ears, sex organs, rectum, tongue, mammary glands, internal organs. There are other typical attributes of this phenomenon such as no tracks of any kind around the body, no evidence of predators whether animal or human, no evidence of the body having been moved or dragged on the ground to the place where it is left.

Linda Moulton Howe made a documentary about this subject in 1980. It’s all about the animal mutilation phenomenon. I think I might actually remember seeing this or something similar on tv in the early 80s. Anyway, this particular video has most of the documentary “A Strange Harvest” and then is followed by another video which explores the same phenomenon as it applies to humans. The fact that this happens to animals is creepy enough. The fact that it seems that exactly the same thing has happened to human beings might be too much for some people to be able to handle.

This 2014 film by Richard D. Hall jumps right into the human mutilation phenomenon, going back as far as 1959 to the Dyatlov Pass incident where a group of nine Russian young adults took a winter trip into the Ural mountains and did not make it to their destination. By mid February search parties had been organized. Some of the bodies were found fairly quickly but some of the others took until May of that year to locate. Some of the bodies, when they were found, apparently exhibited the hallmarks of the mutilation phenomenon – missing tongue, missing eyes, jaw strip etc. etc. Hall’s film covers this incident as well as similar ones up to the present day, exposing how this phenomenon is not dealt with or investigated the way it should be and is in fact covered up. The question of how much governments know and what actions they have taken or not taken looms large. Hall does not at all shy away from these kinds of questions. The assumption that his sources are correct plus the fact that an issue like the mutilation of animals and of humans can remain unsolved and basically ignored by the mainstream still to this day, points to a much bigger story than the simplistic explanations offered up until this point.

And here is a recent update by Richard D. Hall on the human and animal mutilation phenomenon.