Flood Myths – Fact or Fiction

When it comes to flood myths the one most familiar to people is the one from the book of Genesis with Noah as the main character. In that story Noah is informed by God of an impending flood, given directions on how to build the ark that will withstand the flood waters as well as on who and what to bring on the journey.

In the Sumerian version of the flood story it, the god Enki informs Ziusudra (the Noah character) of the storm about to hit.

In fact most of the different Scriptures of the various religions as well as many of the mythical histories of the world include a flood story of some kind. In the Bhagavad Gita we find the story of Manu and a great flood. In the Qu’ran there is a flood account as well involving the main character Nuh.

Ancient flood stories are found in virtually every region of the world

Very informative and interesting interview with Brien Foerster on Capricorn Radio TV. Talking about the idea of a cataclysm or natural disaster type event , of which the biblical flood story may be one recollection, when it may have happened, physical evidence etc., and how civilization has been affected. By the end of the interview they’re into the DNA of elongated skulls, the Basques, and the connections that can give us information  about the history of civilization.


flood myths

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